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“Display“ Design office”, JSC

Republic of Belarus

210605, Republic of Belarus, G. Vitebsk, st. P. Brovki, 13a

Driving directions

Russian Federation

OFFICE Russia, 117630 Moscow, Starokaluzhskoe highway, 58

Driving directions


Phones and contact details:


Alexander S. Voitenkov

Technical Director

Vitaly E. Vaisenbljum

Commercial Director

Evgeny N. Ivanov

Deputy Chief Engineer

Valery S. Kozlov

Deputy Chief Engineer

Sergey A. Shcheglov

Head of Avionics Department

Sergey V. Gashkov

Head of Foreign Trade Department

Sergey A. Dubchak

Head of PC Department

Viktor I. Stiopic

Head of Optical Mechanical Engineering Department

Alexandr I. Vilchikov

Head of Marketing and Sale Department

Anna A Kupchenko

Reception on personal matters by the heads of structural units is carried out as necessary in working order to resolve issues within their competence. Pre-registration is carried out by phone: