JSC "Design Office" Display ", will present new developments at the international forum" ARMY-2018 ". For the first time on the forum will be presented:

Toughbook BU-18.5
Designed for operation in difficult operating conditions.
The processor Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz. Compatible with the operating system Windows, MCBC and Linux. A solid-state drive with a capacity of at least 500GB. Operating ambient temperature from -50 ° С to + 55 ° С and humidity up to 100% (35 ° С). Provides at least 2 hours of continuous autonomous operation at minus 50 ° C. IP65.
It is optionally available on a vibration platform, providing mechanical resistance up to 4g. Summer or winter bag.
Unified panel computer UPC-460
It is intended for work in automated control systems and as an independent device for processing information and displaying it on the screen in real time. Diagonal: 46 ". Resolution: 1920x1080. Touch screen - multitouch. The operating system is Windows. Astra Linux Special Edition. The processor - Intel Core i7, 2.53 GHz, RAM - not less than -4 GGB. Operating temperature: -10 ° С ... + 55 ° С. Limiting temperature: - 50 ° С ... + 70 ° С. Shocks of multiple action-15g, 5 ... 10ms. The interface interface unit allows you to set the type of connectors as required by the customer.
Display module AVM-156MF

Designed for use in multi-function indicators. Resolution 1920x1080 pixels, image brightness 1000 cd / m², viewing angles (+80, -65 / 80 ° Г / В). Operates in the temperature range from -55 ° C to + 55 ° C (operating), from -60 ° C to + 85 ° C (limiting). Withstands humidity of 98% and shock loads of 15g. The weight of the module is 4 kg, the thickness is 43 mm
Display module DM-68 Tupe2


It is designed to work in conditions with increased operational requirements. The diagonal of the screen is 10.4", the resolution is 1024x768, the brightness is 1000 cd / m². Keeps working in the temperature range from -65 ° С to + 70 ° С; with vibrating loads of 1 ... 500 Hz; up to 6g; single stroke up to 500g; The type of touch panel is infrared. The touch panel resolution is 0.82 mm.


We invite you to visit the exposition   JSC "Design Office" Display "
Our booth No. 2E2-1 will be located in Pavilion B.

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