Company Profile

Company Profile:

1. Design and production of multi-purpose video monitors.
Engineering and manufacturing of multi-purpose video monitors is one of the key focus areas of Design Office. Nowadays, “Display” manufactures over 90 types of LCD video monitors with display size from 6.5” up to 98” for application on land, sea and aviation systems. We produce video monitors with aspect ratio 4:3 and 16:9. We also have a line card of industrial monitors with simplified mechanical and climatic requirements.
All video monitors can be customized by adding complementary options.

2. Design and production of avionic displays based on LCD panels.

A particular focus of the company’s activity is the design of cockpit displays based on LCD panels. These products operate reliably in severe environments and guarantee sunlight readable image (up to 100,000 lux) due to low specular reflection index of 1% and diffused reflection index of less than 0,1%.
Smart lighting systems and compatibility with NVIS can be implemented if required.
We provide LCD cutting up to 1:1 size and display area from 2,2"х2,2" up to 6"х6".

Design and production of panel and portable PCs.
Having extensive experience in engineering of LCD video monitors, our engineers have designed and put into production a number of ruggedized computers with display size from 8.4” up to 24” for various tasks (as a part of: radar systems, simulators).
All computers can be customized by adding complementary options.

4. Design and production of micro display systems.
MDSs is a personal small-size display device based on OLED-microdisplays. It can operate with PCs, various sources of video signals (thermal imaging sight, thermal camera, etc.)
The optics of MDS allows to get the image on a 12x9 microdisplay equivalent to a 19-inch monitor, observed at a distance of 1 metre.
5. LCD panels ruggedization
Customized LCD cutting (from standard size up to customized size).

  • Customized cutting up to various sizes 1:1 (square), 3:1 (narrow screen), etc.
  • Bonding of AR-filters, ITO-heaters, EMI-filters.
  • The use of touch screen.
  • Deep LCD ruggedization with case replacement.
  • Compatibility with NVIS.
  • Brightness improvement.
  • LCD interface conversion (TTL into LVDS, LVDS into TTL, etc.).


6.  Electromagnetic tests.