Man portable

Ruggedbook BU-150

Toughbook BU-150 designed for operation in extreme conditions. The main features are: embedded autonomous power supply and a lot of interfaces such...

Display : 38 cm (15″)

Ruggedbook BU-152

Toughbook BU-152 is a laptop with screen size 15.0”, designed for operating in harsh environment. Light weight and embedded autonomous power supply...

Display : 38 cm (15″)

Ruggedbook BU-185

The Toughbook BU-185 is a protected laptop with a screen diagonal of 18.5". It is designed for...

Display : 47 cm (18.5″)

Ruggedbook ARM-T

ARM-T is rugged heavy-duty mobile processing computer designed in foldable laptop-style, equipped with trackball and two independent CPU-modules, connected...

Display : 50 cm (20.1″)




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