Optical Measurements Laboratory

 The measurements laboratory serves for testing of light parameters. It is equipped with such facilities as:

Spectroradiometer OL770  (Optronic Laboratories) allows to measure compatibility of avionic displays with NVIS.

The OL 770-DMS is capable of performing all critical measurements, it provides a complete solution for modern display measurement requirements. This kind of system is the only one in the Republic of Belarus. 

- Contrast measurement equipment LM-33-52 (Hoffman Engineering) provides the proper illumination and test geometries for measuring contrast under simulated direct sunlight conditions. This device consists of a simulated direct sunlight projection source, a diffuse sphere source and a Topcon Luminance Colorimeter BM-7. The device allows to get specular and diffuse reflection indices.

- Luminance ColorimeterBM-7 (TopconCorporation) serves for measurements of all major light parameters as brightness, contrast, color temperature,color coordinates, etc.

This equipment is considered to be a global standard for LCD measurements.


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