“Display“ Design office”, JSC has been specializing in engineering and manufacturing of display devices (video monitors, displays, computers, peripherals and etc.), designed for operation in severe conditions.

We design and manufacture products for operation in arctic conditions also – according to standard “MOROZ-6”. 

In case a purchaser has no possibility to act as a customer of R-and-D our company can arrange the approval of technical requirements, engineering documentation with the customer ourselves and start mastery of the production.   

The design process consists of:

1.    Receiving of technical requirements
2.    Creation of technical specification and further approval of it with customer
3.    Issuing of design’s and technological documentation
4.    Production of the sample
5.    Testing and evaluation
6.    Engineering documentation approval and mastery of the production.

“Display“ Design office”, JSC, all of the time is ready for cooperation, for us is very interesting and important to participate in new projects, scientific researches, R-and-D.

To make order please send request on the e-mail:  info@kbdisplay.com