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Technical Support

“Display“ Design office”, JSC provides technical support for all their products.

Before the asking for support please see the section “ FAQ” – here can be the answers on your questions.

You can get the consultation regarding our products by e-mail request.

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Micro Display Systems
  • Not selected
  • Ruggedized Computers
  • Micro Display Systems
  • Avionic Displays
  • Multi-Purpose Video Monitors
  • Ruggedized LCD Monitors & Rugged Displays
  • Displaying solutions
  • Not selected
  • 3ATI.DHA.03
  • 4ATI.DHA.03
  • AVM-104
  • AVM-104N
  • AVM-104T
  • AVM-150
  • AVM-150S
  • AVM-156MF
  • DM-23
  • DM-34G
  • DM-55
  • DM-55C
  • DM-66
  • DM-68
  • DM-68 Type2
  • DM-68 Type3
  • DM-68EM
  • DM-68N
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The average time for response is 2 business days after request receiving. Please pay your attention that the response can takes more time if request is complex.