Development and tests are finished and new monitor VM-065TV is ready for mass production. The monitor was designed for displaying TV and thermo – information in armored vehicles.

Main specifications of the monitor:

-          screen size 6.5”, resolution 1024 x 768

-          special video controller provides full monochrome high resolution TV signal, possibility to combine two video signals, possibility to switch the directions of registries independently for both TV-inputs, auto adjustment of contrast, creating and overlaying sighting symbols thru RS-485 channel, and et al.   

-          operating temperature range is from -50 up to +60ºС

-          stable working during sinusoidal vibration in range form 1 up to 500 Ghz , mechanical shock 500g in 0.5 – 2 ms , without absorbers

-          brightness is not less than 500 cd/m2 , if consumption is around 9 Watt;

-          LCD-panel and protection glass were optically bonded, this allows to increase mechanical resistance of LCD, ambient contrast, and reduce readiness time on low temperatures (not more than 2 minutes if environment temperature is -40 ºС, by criteria of displaying dynamic TV image without blurring and with power consumption 60Watt)

More detailed information will be available soon on our website.




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