A new line of panel ruggedized computers (15”, 19”, 20”, 24” in diagonal) are designed for operation in automatic control systems or independently for data processing and its real-time display. Panel ruggedized computers can be used in mobile land vehicles and naval objects.

Panel ruggedized computers include:

  • display part;
  • single-board PC unit with Mini PCI Express;
  • block for connection of inputs with a single-board;


  1. CPU Core i7. Operating temperature  -40 …+55 °С .
  2. Interfaces:
  • for office application
  • 4хRS232 / 4xUSB 2.0 / 2xEthernet (GBE) / 1x VGA / audio- l-in/l- out/ mic
  • Mini PCI Express (modem, GLONASS/GPS)

      3. Easily removable SSD
      4. Touch screen.
      5. Compatibility with Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux, Astra Linux Special Edition

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