One of the most important feature of modern industrial equipment is warm-up time. Especially it’s important for arctic conditions at ambient temperature up to minus  65°С.
     The weakest element of complex in warm-up process is display system based on LCD, because at low temperatures the viscosity of liquid crystal in panel is rising, and as result the response time of LCD reduces. During the choosing of display system also pay your attention to testing methods and evaluation criteria – because some of producers show the warm-up time only for static image.

     Display, Design Office, OJSC has been implemented the ruggedization technology of LCDs that allows to create displays, which can operate at low temperatures:

  • storage temperature up to - 65°С;
  • working temperature up to - 50°С;

The warm-up time for dynamic picture (by inertial criteria) is from 5 and up to 20 minutes

The option of efficiency at low temperature should be specified while ordering.

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