State science and technology committee of the Republic of Belarus in association with National Academy of Sciences of  Belarus confirmed accreditation of “Design office “Display”, JSC as a scientific organization for 5 years up to October 2nd, 2022.  The certificate №160 dated on October 3rd,2017 was issued as a confirmation.
    The main goal of scientific and technological activity of “Design office “Display”, OJSC is manufacture of high technology products corresponding to a high technical level and requests of customers. The products have a good demand on a local market, in Russian Federation, EMEA and near abroad countries. The products are applied for actual missions solutions of defence and economics of the Republic of Belarus.    

        The scientific and technologial activity of “Design office “Display”, JSC has goals for engineering and manufacture of the following products:

  • LCD based video monitors;
  • Panel, portable and tablet PCs;
  • LCD based avionic displays for multifunction indicators;
  • Microdisplay systems;
  • Rugged LCDs;
  • Remote controlled weapon stations;
  • Related products and non-standart measurement equipment for operation and testing the products;
  • Data security.

       “Design office “Display”, JSC has a qualified high technology potential, research and testing facility. As a result of R&D, during 2012-2016 period were developed 48 new products.
      For last five years “Design office “Display” , JSC obtained 21 titles of protection for industrial property objects rights, including patents for utility models and inventions.  During 2012-2016 period “Design office “Display”, OJSC took participation in 68 international and local  scientific and technological conferences and seminars.

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