Successfully was designed and tested new product - panel computer PC-201M, the mass production was started. The device is modified version of existing panel computers, but with extended area of application.

   The main feature of PC-201M is applying self-designed backlight system, which allows to get the minimum brightness nonuniformity in working display's area (resolution 1600x1200) and maximum brightness not less than 600 Cd/m2.  Also this allows to get the index of specular reflection not more than 2 and 3:1 ratio of ambient brightness contrast at ambient light 75000 Lux

   CPU Intel®mobile Core™ i7 with speed not less than 2,5 GHz, 2 SSDs, operation temperature range is from -40 up to +55°С and the maximum temperature range is from -50 up to +70°С. Mechanical resistance without shock absorbers  – 15g  in 1..5 ms. Operability under conditions of sinusoidal vibration 2g in range from 1 up to 500 Hz.

   Place the pre-order for PC-201M you can on the link below.

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