The development of a new module was finished and the samples of avionic displays were produced. New device has the unique characteristics listed below:

  • color of luminescence – green, with  dominant wavelength of 525 nm;
  • very high brightness – not less than 5 000 Cd/m2;
  • non-standard size of active display area – 106x85 mm with resolution 658 x 820. This size was achieved by the patented technology of LCD cutting;
  • the unique constructive solution of conductive heat transfer to the back surface of the module (dissipated power is not more than 70W at maximal brightness);
  • the unique scheme of  led-driver’s backlight  provides high power of backlight, wide range of brightness regulation (not less than 2000 :1), high efficiency.

 The application of DM-34G is as a display part of avionic projection indicator.

 More information about this product will be available soon on our website.

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