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Wide-screen video monitor (46,0” in diagonal) with LED-backlight provides operation with VGA and Composite Video signals. VM-460 is a perfect solution for data displaying for a large group of people.

Complete set of goods

Param name Param value
Display117 cm, (46″)
Brightness (cd/m)250
Viewing angle (°) Н/V
Resolution1024х768 (option 1920х1080)
InterfaceRGB, Composite Video (DVI option)
Power supply (V)+230, 50 Hz (400 Hz)
Power consumption (W)390
Weight (kg)58
Dimensions: width/height/depth (mm)1180/725/190
Temperature (°С)
short-term working (0,5 h)

Humidity (%)98%, 25°C
Vibration1 ... 300Hz, 2g
Shocks (g)

Mounting optiondampers

CUSTOMIZED OPTIONS (provided upon request)

Option Option order code
Touch screen – RS-232 interface 01
Touch screen – USB interface 02
DVI input 03
Composite Video input, color/monochrome 04
Composite Video input, color/monochrome with front bezel regulators for brightness and contrast  “direct” adjustment 05
S-video input 06
S-video input with front bezel regulators for brightness and contrast “direct” adjustment 07
Galvanical decoupling of chains "General" and "Case". (Under the regular design documentation of a chain "General" and "Case" have connection) 08
Buttons-bezel 09
Increased brightness – 700 cd/m2 and more 10
Increased contrast – glass to LCD optical bonding 11
Vandalproof modification 12
Flange mounting – vibration 5g,
Damper mounting – vibration 10g
Rack 14
Rack; simplified climatic, shock and vibration requirements 15
NVIS compatibility 16
Required IP rating 17
Additional climatic requirements 18
Additional shock and vibration requirements 19
Warm-up time at low temperatures (image lag criterion):
- for displays up to 12,1" in diagonal – not more than 2 min;
- for displays of 15" and more in diagonal – not more than 5 min.
Improved anti-reflection coating 21
4K resolution (3840x2160) for 32" and more 27
Extended color gamut (Adobe RGB) 28
Video processor gives possibility to display more than one signal on a screen (option for 24" and more) 29
When making an order please specify the product and the required options.